Effortless Mymilestonecard Online Payments: A Step-By-Step Guide

MyMilestoneCard by Milestone Bank makes online payments faster and more secure. With MyMilestoneCard added to your digital wallet or payment apps, you can shop and transact online in a few clicks.

This comprehensive guide will take you through everything about making online payments using your MyMilestoneCard. From activation to linking your card, understanding authentication and more – read on to become an expert in making payments online seamlessly with your MyMilestoneCard.

Activate Your MyMilestoneCard

The first step to make online payments is to activate your physical and digital MyMilestoneCard. Follow the process below:

Activate Physical Card

  • Call the customer care number or chat with an agent on the app
  • Select the card activation option and provide your card details
  • Set up a ATM PIN when prompted for activating your physical card

Activate Digital Card

  • Log in to the MyMilestone mobile app and go to the Cards section
  • Click on ‘Activate’ next to your new digital card
  • Set up an ATM PIN for your digital card and accept terms and conditions

Once activated, your MyMilestoneCard is ready for online transactions.

Enable Online Transactions

Before making online payments, ensure you have enabled online usage for your MyMilestoneCard.

  • Go to ‘Card Management’ on the MyMilestone app/website
  • Turn on the ‘Online Transactions’ toggle switch under card settings
  • An OTP may be needed to authorize this change

With online usage enabled, you can use the card safely across ecommerce sites and payment gateways.

Link Card to Digital Wallets

Linking your MyMilestoneCard to popular digital wallets like Google Pay, PhonePe, Amazon Pay simplifies online payments. Follow these steps:

Google Pay

  • Open Google Pay app and click on Payments tab
  • Select ‘Add credit/debit card’
  • Enter MyMilestoneCard details and register the card
  • Set up a UPI PIN when prompted to complete linking


  • Tap on Profile icon and click on ‘Add card’ option
  • Enter MyMilestoneCard number, expiry date and name
  • Set a UPI PIN for the card
  • Your card gets linked to PhonePe account

Amazon Pay

  • Open Amazon app > Shopper Settings > Add a card
  • Fill in card number, expiry and name as on card
  • Enter OTP received on registered mobile number
  • Card gets linked for faster checkouts

Repeat linking process for any other digital wallets you use for hassle-free payments.

Card Tokenization

Tokenizing your MyMilestoneCard enhances security for online transactions.

  • Tokenization masks actual card details and assigns a unique token ID
  • Generated token replaces card number during online purchases
  • Removes need to enter full card data everytime thereby reducing fraud risk
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Tokenize your MyMilestoneCard in 4 simple steps:

  1. Initiate tokenization request on MyMilestone app/website
  2. Enter OTP received on registered mobile number
  3. Set a token password
  4. Your card is now tokenized for secure online usage

Understand Authentication

MyMilestoneCard uses two-factor authentication for approving online transactions and adding security layers.

The two modes of online transaction authentication are:

OTP-based Authentication

  • 6-digit OTP sent via SMS/email for confirming transactions
  • Requirement when card not saved earlier on that website
  • OTP to be entered along with card details for payments
  • Provides an additional validation layer for unauthorized payments


  • For frequent transactions on saved card on trusted sites
  • Set up e-mandates for smoother checkouts going forward
  • Confirm payments by entering card CVV and OTP at mandate registration
  • Faster one-step payment process without re-entering card details

Check Transaction Limits

MyMilestoneCard offers flexibility to customize online transaction limits based on usage.

  • Login to MyMilestone app and go to ‘Manage Card’
  • Click on ‘Spends limit’ tab under the card
  • Review existing online transaction limit per day/month
  • Raise limit request as per requirement for higher value payments

Higher online transaction limit enables quicker checkouts for bigger ticket purchases subject to eligibility.

Smart Tips for Safer Online Usage

Apply these tips and best practices for secure online usage of your MyMilestoneCard:

  • Do not save MyMilestoneCard as payment option on unknown or untrusted sites
  • Beware of fake offers demanding card details; check site authenticity
  • Monitor transaction alerts for unauthorized payments; report anomalies
  • Avoid accessing online banking or payment sites on public networks
  • Use updated antivirus on all devices used for making online payments
  • Check site is HTTPS before entering card details; verify seller details
  • Do not share card details over email, SMS or phone call
  • Periodically change online banking password and update credentials

Best Practices for Online Payments

Follow these recommended practices to enjoy smooth online payment experiences consistently:

Make Test Payment First

When using MyMilestoneCard on a new website for the first time, make a small value test transaction to check compatibility before larger payments.

Save Card for Frequent Purchases

If you shop frequently on select websites, save your MyMilestoneCard to your account wallet for faster checkouts.

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Track Orders and Delivery

After MyMilestoneCard payment, track order status closely till receipt of product and post-purchase support if required.

Maintain Records

Keep e-receipts of payments made for all online purchases and transactions using MyMilestoneCard.

Check Reward Points

Ensure milestones reward points get credited for relevant online purchases made using your MyMilestoneCard.

Notify Bank

Immediately inform bank in case of errors in transactions or unauthorized payments for investigation and resolution.

Step-by-Step Guide for Online Payments

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of the entire online transaction process with MyMilestoneCard:

Step 1) Browse Online Store

Visit an ecommerce website or merchant outlet and browse products you wish to buy. Add them to shopping cart.

Step 2) Go to Payment Page

Proceed to payment page and review order summary. Check delivery, warranty and return policy.

Step 3) Select Payment Option

Choose Credit/Debit card option. Also select MyMilestoneCard if saved earlier on the website for faster checkout.

Step 4) Enter MyMilestoneCard Details

If card not saved earlier, enter 16-digit MyMilestoneCard number, name on card, expiry date and CVV accurately.

Step 5) OTP Authentication

If prompted, enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number to authorize the transaction.

Step 6) Confirm Order Details

Verify total payable amount, delivery address, contact info before completing payment.

Step 7) Successful Payment

Transaction confirmation message and payment reference number is displayed on successful payment completion.

Step 8) Transaction Alerts

SMS and email alerts received regarding MyMilestoneCard online payment completion.

Step 9) Reward Points Credit

Milestone reward points earned will reflect in card statement for eligible transactions.

Step 10) Support: Raise disputes or reversals in case any payment issues faced within permitted timeframes.

Thus, by following these key steps, you can make quick and hassle-free payments using your MyMilestoneCard across ecommerce websites and mobile apps.

Common Online Purchases with MyMilestoneCard

MyMilestoneCard can be conveniently used for all your essential online spends:

Online Shopping

  • Electronics – Mobile, laptop, appliances, gadgets
  • Fashion – Clothing, footwear, accessories
  • Home – Furniture, décor, kitchen items
  • Grocery – Food, personal care, babycare
  • And more – Sports, books, pet supplies etc.

Bill Payments

  • Mobile & DTH recharges
  • Broadband & utility bills
  • Credit card bill payments
  • Insurance premium payments
  • Gas cylinder booking
  • Municipal taxes
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  • Movie and event tickets
  • Theme park tickets
  • Gaming purchase and recharges
  • OTT platform subscriptions

Travel Bookings

  • Flight tickets
  • Hotel booking
  • Train tickets
  • Holidays packages
  • Intercity bus booking
  • Car and bike rentals

Food Orders

  • Restaurant food delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Meal kit subscriptions
  • Online cake delivery

With the rising adoption of mobile apps and digital payments, the use cases for MyMilestoneCard online payments are endless.


How do I make online payments with MyMilestoneCard?

Making online payments with MyMilestoneCard is easy. Simply log in to your account on the MyMilestoneCard website, navigate to the payments section, and follow the prompts to make a payment using your preferred method.

What payment methods are accepted for MyMilestoneCard online payments?

MyMilestoneCard typically accepts various payment methods, including bank transfers, debit cards, and sometimes credit cards. You can choose the method that works best for you and follow the instructions to complete your payment.

Is there a fee for making online payments with MyMilestoneCard?

MyMilestoneCard may or may not charge a fee for making online payments, depending on the specific terms and conditions of your credit card agreement. Check your account details or contact customer service for information about any applicable fees.

How long does it take for MyMilestoneCard online payments to process?

MyMilestoneCard online payments typically process within a few business days, although the exact processing time may vary depending on factors such as your payment method and the timing of your payment.

Can I schedule recurring payments with MyMilestoneCard?

Yes, MyMilestoneCard often allows cardholders to schedule recurring payments for added convenience. You can set up automatic payments to ensure your bills are paid on time each month without having to manually initiate payments.


Making online payments with MyMilestoneCard is a convenient and hassle-free way to manage your credit card bills. By following the step-by-step guide outlined above and utilizing the online payment features available through your MyMilestoneCard account, you can easily stay on top of your finances and ensure your payments are made on time. With various payment methods accepted and the option to schedule recurring payments, MyMilestoneCard provides flexibility and convenience to help you maintain financial stability and peace of mind.