Flying High with Rewards: Mymilestonecard Jetblue Benefits

Welcome to your guide unveiling an incredibly rewarding new partnership between MyMilestoneCard and JetBlue Airways delivering amazing travel perks through TrueBlue points earning, redeeming, transferring and more!

Introducing TrueBlue from JetBlue

First, let’s introduce JetBlue’s exceptional loyalty program TrueBlue to understand the immense value now accessible:

What is TrueBlue?

TrueBlue is the fast-growing airline loyalty program from JetBlue which allows enrolled members to earn valuable points on flights and everyday purchases. These points can then be redeemed towards free flights and other great rewards.

Over 16 million members actively participate in TrueBlue as JetBlue captures greater US market share given their customer-friendly flying experiences.

Earning TrueBlue Points

Members accumulate TrueBlue points through:

  • Flying with JetBlue
  • Using co-branded credit cards
  • Shopping online and in-stores with retail partners

More points collected means faster rewards unlocked.

Burning Points on Benefits

The best part of TrueBlue comes when redeeming hard-earned points towards over 500+ benefits including:

  • 100+ JetBlue routes with seats starting at only 15,000 points
  • Hotel stays, car rentals, and theme park tickets
  • Charity donations supporting great causes
  • Retail and dining gift cards

Now – let’s explain how MyMilestoneCard intersects amplifying these perks for our members!

MyMilestoneCard + JetBlue Partnership Overview

We’re thrilled to announce MyMilestoneCard and JetBlue now formed an valuable partnership allowing our 70,000+ members special access to TrueBlue benefits accelerating family travel dreams.

What We Unlocked

This first-of-its-kind program now enables seamless point transfers between MyMilestoneCard rewards program and TrueBlue along with exclusive travel discount offers.

This integration grants simple conversion of Milestone points into JetBlue points plus new earning opportunities – all catalyzing more affordable dream vacations sooner!

Shared Member Focus

Strategically the partnership aligned perfectly between our two member-obsessed brands aiming to creatively enrich loyalty. We both hold customer happiness as TRUE NORTH orienting policies and innovations.

So bring on elevated travel perks for all! Let’s now detail what unlocks for members…

Milestone to JetBlue Points Transfers

The flagship aspect of this trailblazing partnership is the ability to instantly transfer accumulated Milestone points into TrueBlue at an advantageous 1:1 exchange rate.

How Point Transfers Work

On an ongoing monthly basis, Milestone members can convert their points to TrueBlue by:

  1. Logging into their Milestone account portal
  2. Accessing “Loyalty Points Transfer” option under Investments tab
  3. Inputting # points to move and submitting transfer
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In real-time, equivalent TrueBlue points post into your designated JetBlue account!

Strategic Points Movement

You’re likely wondering when makes sense tactically transferring points over to optimize value.

Generally aim to convert Milestone points in the annual range you realistically anticipate needing for upcoming JetBlue travel within the next 1-2 years based on family plans. This allows latest-minute redemption at fantastic rates oncepoints land in TrueBlue account.

No need to transfer points until you have specific trips in mind!

JetBlue Points Earning with Milestone

In addition to transfer flexibility, Milestone Card members also can proactively earn TrueBlue points through ongoing account interactions for amplified balances.

Ongoing Engagement Points

A launch promotion lets you earn 500 bonus TrueBlue points for each month you have qualifying account activity including:

  • $250+ in new deposits
  • Executing an investment trade
  • Paying a milestone-aligned bill like tuition

So approximately 6,000 incremental annual points simply engaging your account!

Referral Bonus Points

You can also score referral stockpiles by sharing Milestone with friends and family who go on to open accounts using your exclusive referral invite code.

Earn up to 50,000 TrueBlue points when successfully referring new accounts, enabling you to jet set quicker with extra points in hand courtesy of your valuable social connections!

Contact Center Bonus Points

Finally, interacting with our U.S.-based contact center team provides a relationship lift extending beyond service by granting bonus TrueBlue points generally after call length milestones met over rolling 12 month windows.

This means approximately 5,000 incremental points annually bonding through ongoing guidance without extra effort thanks to our caring team!

So across ongoing engagement, referrals and contact center conversations, Milestone boosts TrueBlue balances making travel more accessible.

Redeeming TrueBlue Points

Now for the best part – redeeming points on flights once transferred over from Milestone!

Booking Reward Flights

Through the TrueBlue dashboard, instantly book reward seats using points on routes across JetBlue’s vast network including:

  • Caribbean and Latin America Vacations
  • Cross-Country Adventures
  • Quick Getaways up and down Both Coasts
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Tiered Pricing

JetBlue uniquely offers variable pricing tiers based on travel dates allowing flexibility using points:

  • Blue Basic: 15-25,000 points
  • Blue: 30-50,000 points
  • Blue Extra: 50-70,000 points
  • Mint: 70-100,000+ points

Plan travel in lower-demand seasons for biggest bang-for-buck through point conversions.

Companion Pass Perk

One underrated but amazing TrueBlue benefit is the Companion Pass which gives a second ticket for only the cost of taxes/fees when first person books with points.

This Buy-One-Get-One essentially at no extra point cost makes family trips incredibly affordable, essentially consolidating group travel down to a single redemption.

So maximize redemptions through strategic transfers unlocking free flights faster than imaginable alone with Milestone!

Member Success Story Scenarios

Let’s explore a few example family scenarios capitalizing on Milestone Card x JetBlue partnership perks accelerating milestone memories:

The Lake Family

Mark & Sarah Lake recently opened MyMilestoneCard accounts when having twin daughters setting aside funds for future college needs. Through ongoing $500 monthly deposits plus investing portfolio returns, they accumulate 300,000 points after 5 years.

Transferring 240,000 points into JetBlue TrueBlue provides enough for 3 roundtrip cross-country tickets from NYC to San Francisco using Blue tier pricing of ~80,000 roundtrip requiring minimal extra out of pocket. They use remaining points boosting next year’s deposits up to cover half of semester tuition payments at Penn State where both daughters commit to attending after graduation.

The Chang Family

Retired grandparents Emma and James Chang consistently contribute to accounts for college grandchildren using Milestone Cards aligned to each kid they sponsor. After the oldest grandson Kyle saves up 270,000 points over 7 years, Emma helps Kyle transfer 200,000 points over to TrueBlue while keeping other points invested for future granddaughter.

The TrueBlue balance easily books a Mint tier flight at 100,000 points for Kyle to study abroad one college semester in Spain plus a Blue Basic 45,000 point return flight back home. Building memories while keeping long-term growth on track!

We hope these real-life examples illustrate immense possibilities thanks to our game-changing Milestone Card + JetBlue collaboration unlocking faster family bonding through affordable flights.

Let your travel dreams take flight thanks to TrueBlue benefits amplified through ongoing engagement with your Milestone account! MoreTidbits and tricks for point conversions and smart redemptions await as you continue your program journey. Enjoy the ride – wherever it may take you and your loved ones!

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What are the main benefits of the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program?

The MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program offers various benefits, including earning points for JetBlue flights, access to exclusive perks such as priority boarding and in-flight discounts, and the ability to redeem points for travel rewards.

How do I earn points with the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program?

You can earn points with the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program by using your MyMilestoneCard for purchases, including JetBlue flights, as well as everyday spending. Points are typically earned based on the amount spent, with bonus points available for specific categories.

Are there any additional benefits or perks available to MyMilestoneCard holders through the JetBlue partnership?

Yes, MyMilestoneCard holders may enjoy additional benefits and perks through the JetBlue partnership, such as discounted lounge access, complimentary upgrades, and special offers on vacation packages and other travel services.

How do I redeem points earned through the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program?

You can redeem points earned through the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program for various travel rewards, including flights, hotel stays, car rentals, and more. Redemption options and availability may vary based on the number of points accumulated and program terms.

Is there a fee associated with participating in the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program?

Participation in the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Rewards program is typically free for MyMilestoneCard holders. However, be sure to review the program terms and conditions for any applicable fees or restrictions.


Flying high with rewards through the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Benefits program offers an exciting opportunity for cardholders to enjoy exclusive perks and earn valuable rewards while traveling with JetBlue. By participating in the program, cardholders can earn points on JetBlue flights and everyday purchases, access special benefits such as priority boarding and discounted lounge access, and redeem points for a variety of travel rewards. Whether you’re a frequent flyer or planning your next getaway, the MyMilestoneCard JetBlue Benefits program provides a rewarding experience that enhances your travel journey.