Locating Your Mymilestonecard Number for Easy Access

MyMilestoneCard is an innovative multi-purpose card by Milestone Bank that combines the functions of a credit card, debit card, prepaid card, and digital wallet. When you apply and get approved for a MyMilestoneCard, a 16-digit card number gets generated which acts as your unique MyMilestoneCard account identifier.

But what if you need to reference the card number for making payments online or elsewhere and are unable to locate it? This comprehensive guide will share all the possible ways to find your MyMilestoneCard number quickly for easy access whenever required.

Why Do You Need the Card Number?

Before we see the different ways to find the MyMilestoneCard number, let’s first understand why you may need access to the card number:

  • For making online payments by entering card details
  • For adding your card to digital wallets like Google Pay
  • To register your card for special offers or privileges
  • For checking reward points balance or transaction history
  • To apply for an add-on card on the same account
  • For reporting loss/theft of card to customer care
  • For card management requests like PIN change
  • For identifying your card details during account upgrade

Thus, handy access to your MyMilestoneCard number is essential to utilize all the features and facilities of the card seamlessly. The card number is your unique identity across the bank’s platforms.

Locating on Physical Card

The most obvious place to find your MyMilestoneCard number is to simply take out your physical card and look at the card number printed on the front.

All MyMilestoneCard variants have the 16-digit card number embossed on the front side. The number is printed below the cardholder name in the standard XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX format.

Some additional pointers regarding locating the number on the card:

  • Card number has 16 digits without any spaces or hyphens
  • Number is also printed flat at the bottom in smaller font size
  • Do not mistake CVV number on back for card number
  • Refer card carefully to identify number ‘0’ and number ‘1’ correctly
  • Take out your wallet card, not deactivated or expired cards
  • Ensure plastic card is in good condition, number is legible
  • Use magnifying glass if eyesight is weak to read card number

Thus, the physical MyMilestoneCard plastic is the simplest place to find and reference your card number instantly, provided you carry the card in your wallet at all times. Else, use the following options.

Check on Card Carrier and Welcome Letter

When your MyMilestoneCard gets delivered to your mailing address, it comes enclosed within a card carrier. This card carrier has the MyMilestoneCard number printed visibly on the front side.

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Similarly, the welcome letter or account opening confirmation email you receive from the bank also mentions the newly generated MyMilestoneCard number.

Hence, if you have retained the card carrier and welcome communication, you can quickly trace back your card number from there as well. Just ensure you do not misplace these documents to have a handy backup of the card number.

Some tips regarding this:

  • Carefully store card carrier and welcome letter safely for future reference
  • Card number is highlighted prominently on both these resources
  • Number format remains the same i.e. XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX
  • Ensure you do not damage these documents making number unclear
  • Welcome letter may be physical or electronic based on preference
  • If opting for e-mail, ensure it goes to your primary email id

With careful storage of your card delivery package and welcome communication, you will always have a ready reference point for the card number.

Check via MyMilestone Mobile App

The MyMilestone mobile app offers a quick and convenient way to retrieve your MyMilestoneCard number instantly if you have the app installed on your phone.

To check your card number on the app, simply follow these steps:

  1. Launch the MyMilestone app on your phone and log-in using your credentials
  2. On the home page, click on the ‘My Cards’ section
  3. Here you will see details of all your cards linked to the app
  4. Click on your active MyMilestoneCard
  5. The card details screen will display your 16-digit card number prominently

Key advantages of accessing your card number via app:

  • No need to carry physical card always
  • Can access number remotely from any location
  • Added security with app login password or biometrics
  • Details available real-time hence most updated
  • Convenient and fast means to check card number

With mobile apps turning ubiquitous, fetching details via app makes life simpler for users. Ensure your MyMilestoneCard is linked to app.

Retrieve via Net Banking

For those comfortable using online banking, the MyMilestoneCard number can also be retrieved by logging into net banking using your credentials.

Follow the below steps to check card number on net banking:

  1. Login to Milestone Bank net banking using user ID and password
  2. Go to ‘Accounts’ or ‘Cards’ section and locate your MyMilestoneCard account
  3. Click on the card account and go to ‘Summary’ tab
  4. The 16-digit card number will be visible under ‘Account Information’
  5. Cross-verify last 4 digits with your physical card for correctness
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Net banking gives real-time access to card number from anywhere anytime. Enable security layers like OTP and password managers for safe access.

Check via Customer Care

If you are unable to access your MyMilestoneCard number through any of the above means due to any reason, you can always contact Milestone Bank’s customer care for assistance.

To get your card number via customer care:

  1. Call the 24×7 customer care helpline or chat with agent in banking app
  2. Provide basic details like your name and registered mobile number
  3. Request the agent to help you retrieve your MyMilestoneCard number
  4. The agent will verify your identity and fetch associated card details
  5. Ensure you note down the number shared carefully avoiding errors

Contacting customer care should be done only when self-service options are unable to help retrieve your card number. Do not share OTP or CVV numbers with agents for security reasons.

Locate on Card Statements

MyMilestoneCard account statements contain detailed transaction history and card usage details over the statement period. Your 16-digit MyMilestoneCard number is clearly listed at the top of every monthly e-statement.

To check card number on statements:

  1. Login to net banking or mobile banking app and go to ‘Statements’ section
  2. Select your MyMilestoneCard account
  3. Open any recent statement to view statement details
  4. Your card number will be visible at the top next to account holder name
  5. It remains constant on all past and present statements

Account statements offer an authenticated source to retrieve your card number reliably. Save soft copies of statements securely for easy future reference.

Find on Welcome Call Recording

When you apply for a MyMilestoneCard, a welcome call is made from the bank once your application is approved and account opened.

In this welcome call, the telecaller reads out your newly generated MyMilestoneCard number and other key details for confirmation.

If you had opted to receive the welcome call and recorded the conversation, you can listen to the audio recording to trace back your card number shared then. However, this may be difficult and time-consuming.

Alternatively, easier options recommended above should be used to find your MyMilestoneCard number quickly when required rather than relying on a past welcome call recording.

Contact Branch

For customers who opened their MyMilestoneCard account at a home branch, the branch record will have your MyMilestoneCard number associated with your account.

You can:

  1. Visit home branch from where you applied for the card
  2. Ask the branch executive to help trace your card number
  3. Provide account details for verification
  4. Executive will retrieve your card number from branch records
  5. Ensure you note it down correctly before leaving
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Visiting a branch may not be always feasible. Hence use this method when all other options to retrieve your MyMilestoneCard number are unsuccessful.

Check Number Sticker on Wallet

Some cardholders stick the tiny MyMilestoneCard number sticker behind their card in the wallet for quick reference.

If you had retained this sticker:

  1. Take out the wallet where MyMilestoneCard is kept
  2. Check behind the card in the sleeve/slot
  3. See if the sticker with the 16-digit number is visible
  4. Match last 4 digits on sticker with actual card for verification

This is an easy way to access your card number on the go if the sticker has not peeled off or gotten misplaced from your wallet.


Where can I find my MyMilestoneCard number?

Your MyMilestoneCard number is typically located on the front of your credit card. It is a 16-digit number printed on the front of the card, usually in the middle or towards the right-hand side.

Can I find my MyMilestoneCard number online?

Yes, you can also find your MyMilestoneCard number by logging in to your MyMilestoneCard account online. Once logged in, navigate to the account summary or card details section to view your card number.

What should I do if I can’t find my MyMilestoneCard number?

If you can’t find your MyMilestoneCard number, consider checking any previous statements or documents related to your credit card account. You can also contact MyMilestoneCard customer service for assistance.

Is it safe to share my MyMilestoneCard number?

While it is generally safe to share your MyMilestoneCard number when making purchases or transactions, it’s essential to exercise caution and only share your card number with trusted and reputable merchants or service providers.

Can I use my MyMilestoneCard number to make online purchases?

Yes, you can use your MyMilestoneCard number to make online purchases. Simply enter your card number, expiration date, security code, and other required information at the checkout page when making a purchase online.


Locating your MyMilestoneCard number is a simple process that allows you to access your credit card account and make transactions conveniently. Whether you find your card number on the physical card itself or through your online account, having easy access to this information ensures smooth and efficient use of your MyMilestoneCard for various financial activities. If you ever have difficulty finding your card number, don’t hesitate to reach out to MyMilestoneCard customer service for assistance.